Terms & Conditions

We make sincere effort to ship the books as per the details specified in 'Delivery and Shipping Policy' section. However in an unfortunate situation where the book is out of stock, we shall attempt to source it from the publisher. If it is not available with the publisher also, Leemeer.com reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the money back to you. 

On the other hand, if you have wrongly placed an order and wish to cancel it, please call us at 044-49527899 (or) 9944069600  and  email to  leemeer.india@gmail.com within 2 hours. We shall be happy to cancel the order for you and refund the money. Since we usually try to ship the books within the same day, it is very important this request is communicated to us immediately. Once the order is shipped Leemeer.com will not be able to accommodate your cancellation request. 

In case the books got damaged during transit, you can return a ordered book. Please contact us at 044-49527899 / 9944069600 or leemeer.india@gmail.com. Upon confirmation from us you may subsequently return the damaged book through Indian Postal Service. We will absorb the cost of return shipment charge. You can choose between refund or new copy of the same book ordered originally. If you request a new copy, we shall send it again without any additional charge for shipping. 

Please note:

Above mentioned cancellation/return policy only applies to print books. There is no cancellation/return option available for ebooks. 

Ebooks are password protected personal files. Terms and Conditions restrict you from circulating such ebooks to others and sharing the password with others. By purchasing ebooks through us, you are obliged by this condition and your acceptance is deemed while you place the order.